Featuring The Builder Theme – Build Your WordPress Theme From Scratch

If you are tired of WP themes or other website templates that do not provide the flexibility you need, then pay attention – there’s a whole new concept to WordPress in the form of the Builder Theme by iThemes. I recall learning about the Builder theme concept before it launched in late 2009. I pre-ordered, and when it was released, I couldn’t be happier with it.

You don’t need to know how to code a single line of code to build an entire WordPress website from scratch. In fact, if you’re averse to coding, but want to build a WordPress website from the ground up, then the Builder Theme is for you. I’m talking about style, layout, navigation, customized headers … you name it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the bad. The Builder theme child themes are not the most stylish. If you want a website that looks fantastic as-is, then Builder isn’t for you. However, what makes Builder so great is you can so easily build a website entirely from scratch without knowing a single line of code.

Now Onto the Good

Builder operates on a parent / child theme framework. This is the optimal WordPress arrangement (in my view). It makes upgrading your theme a breeze and swapping child themes is very easy. The child theme is essentially your website design.

Next, I go into specifically how the Builder theme makes it so you can customize your entire website.

You create layouts – as many layouts as you like simply by clicking a mouse. The layouts are blocks that use widgets in which you place content. Then when you develop a post or page, you choose your custom layout.

Do you want a different header in different parts of the website? No problem – just choose a different header in your layout. How about different slideshows on different pages? Again, no problem. Just create a new layout, and then place your preferred slideshow plugin in any widget you like?

HTML option for any page or post

iThemes also responded to the need of creating html pages. For instance, suppose you have a great html template – a squeeze page or landing page – you can simply insert the html in the html module on any given layout and your page is totally customized.

Builder is SEO Ready

I agree that a built-in SEO panel isn’t all that necessary given the many great SEO plugins. However, it’s helpful and a good feature to have. Builder Theme comes with a built-in SEO panel. Actually, it’s an iTheme plugin you install. Then you have a complete SEO configuration panel. Each page and post has SEO options as well – including NoFollow and NoIndex options. But, if you prefer an SEO plugin, you can use that as well.

Designing Builder without going into the CSS style sheet.

I’m not a CSS expert, but I know my way around a style sheet. Yet, when available, I like styling a website with a drop down menus. iThemes has this covered as well and has dozens of drop down menus to style your theme. Want red H1 tags? No problem. How about orange hyperlinks? Yup, no problem. iThemes provides a free style plugin you install which gives you a full style panel. No more digging around in a CSS style sheet. Instead, you just click away until you get the look and feel you want. It really couldn’t be easier to create a great website in WordPress – something entirely your own.

Next, check out many screenshots of the Builder theme by reading this in-depth Builder theme review. If you aren’t interested in designing a theme, read this comprehensive Genesis Theme review with screenshots of dozens of child themes at B2Web.

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